Wisconsin Marching Band Suspended vs Ohio State – No 5th Quarter Tonight

This one time, at band camp…

The University of Wisconsin Marching Band has been suspended for tonight’s showdown with Ohio State for “serious hazing allegations,” according to school officials.

Speaking at a news conference at the UW Welcome Center, Leckrone said he thought only a small percentage of the 300 band members were involved in any hazing, but that the members had a “shared responsibility” to behave appropriately.

“You don’t have any idea how hard it was,” he said. “It was like I can remember my father saying, ‘This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you.’ ”

Leckrone did not describe the allegations in detail but said they involved alcohol consumption and “inappropriate sexual behavior.”

Inappropriate sexual behavior and alcohol consumption? What do they think this is, college?

Most disappointing is the fact that those in attendance tonight, one of the biggest games on the Badgers home schedule, will not get to see the famous 5th quarter.

The 5th Quarter is one of the most recognizable traditions for any collegiate band and essentially involves: entire band begins by marching onto the field from the nearest endzone. They halt, face the winning team’s stands, and play that team’s school song. They then turn, face the other side, and play that team’s school song. After this the band breaks rank and essentially does whatever they want.

Normally played during the Fifth Quarter are songs such as “On Wisconsin“, “You’ve Said It All” (also known as the “Bud” song, referring to its beginning as the tune from a Budweiser commercial), “Space Badgers”, “Dance Little Bird” (The Chicken Dance), “Beer Barrel Polka“, “Tequila“, “Hey Baby”, and much more. Thousands of spectators remain in the stands for fifteen minutes after the game in order to enjoy the performance.

At the end of the Fifth Quarter, the band lines up once more to play Varsity, as the spectators sing. The band then exits the field to the north entrance to perform a little more and sing “It’s Hard to Be Humble”, after which the band marches to the Humanities building, where they are dismissed.

You can view a portion of this in the video above.

Ah, those crazy band dorks.