Rocco Baldelli Helps Tampa Bay Rays Win ALDS Game 2 vs. White Sox

You can’t help but jump on the Tampa Bay Rays bandwagon, but truth be told, I’m still keeping hope alive that both Chicago baseball teams advance.

Yes, even as a Cubs fan I’d like to see the White Sox advance. But trumping my rooting interest for Ozzie Guillen is that of Rocco Baldelli.

Baldelli, who has been battling reports of this week of muscular dystrophy, drove in a big 8th inning run in Game 2 tonight adding onto the Rays lead and putting the Sox out of reach.

Perhaps it’s the product of fantasy sports, but I’ve always been rooting for Baldelli who has demonstrated his exceptional baseball skills amidst his continual injuries.

Baldelli insists it’s not muscular dystrophy holding him back, but another issue

“I don’t have muscular dystrophy,” Baldelli said. “I have mitochondrial myopathy.”

Either way, he’s battling more than most major leaguers at the plate and you can’t help but root for him. He and the Tampa Bay Rays are the ultimate underdog and are now just one game away from the ALCS.

Rays 6, White Sox 2 [Box Score]