“176 Punt Retard” – Robert Flores Shares An Interesting Statistic

The Minnesota Vikings deeply regret punting to Reggie Bush in the second half of last night’s Monday Night Football game, but not as much as Robert Flores likely regrets his call of the highlights.

“176 Punt Retard”

Perhaps his mind drifted to Brad Childress, that or Skip Bayless walked through the studio.

Normally announcers can brush of mistakes quickly and move on, but the split second silence after this gaffe was defening.


Boo Weekley On Tonight Show With Jay Leno

I can’t get enough Boo Weekley in my life, but somehow I missed his appearance last Thursday on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

It is not to be missed. You’ll be a better person for having watched this 7:00 interview. In case you’rer lazy, or don’t think you have that amount of time to waste, let me give you a brief preview:

  • Video footage of his Happy Gilmore, ride the donkey celebration during the Ryder Cup.
  • “Like a year in college, one of them long weekends with just nothing but partying.”
  • Dennis Miller asks Boo if he’d rather play for the South or the United States
  • Explanation of “Boo-isms” that we can all relate to… when we’re drunk.
  • Boo shares a story about how he lost his keys in a port-o-potty…
  • … and how he retrieved them.

Seven minutes of Weekley enlightenment. Do enjoy!