“176 Punt Retard” – Robert Flores Shares An Interesting Statistic

The Minnesota Vikings deeply regret punting to Reggie Bush in the second half of last night’s Monday Night Football game, but not as much as Robert Flores likely regrets his call of the highlights.

“176 Punt Retard”

Perhaps his mind drifted to Brad Childress, that or Skip Bayless walked through the studio.

Normally announcers can brush of mistakes quickly and move on, but the split second silence after this gaffe was defening.

Announcer Dan Fouts Would Like “To Add Wes Welker To That Dick”

Here’s your announcing gaffe of the week. Surprisingly, it’s not Dick Stockton.

Amusing clip here from this afternoon’s late NFL games, where I believe that’s Dan Fouts want to “add Wes Welker to that dick.”

Interesting strategy. I think Welker will pass.