This Matt Ryan Kid Might Be Pretty Good [Falcons vs Packers Highlights]

After the first two weeks of the NFL season far too many fans and experts alike were quick to place Aaron Rodgers among the elite quarterbacks. That same weekend, Matt Ryan struggled mightily (2 INT, 1 Fuble) in his first road NFL game and there were doubts about whether he should be starting.

This afternoon, Ryan went up to Lambeau Field and won his first road game, lifting the Atlanta Falcons to 3-2 and firmly into the NFC South race. Across the field, the Green Bay Packers are seriously concerned with their current state of play, and now sit at 2-3.

Rodgers threw for 313 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception, but was arguably outplayed by the rookie Falcon signal caller. Ryan led the Falcons to an early 10-0 lead and kept his mistakes to a minimum. Just one interception, completing 16 of 26 passes for just under 200 yards. Most importantly, Ryan looks as comfortable as many veterans in the league and has clearly won over his teammates and fans.

Unlike many highly drafted quarterbacks in previous years, Ryan looks to be worth the investment.