Cedric Griffin Big Hit On Saints Billy Miller — NFL Hit of the Year?

Reggie Bush’s punt returns are worth watching over and over, as is the hit of the night courtesy of the Vikings Cedric Griffin.

Griffin completely lays out the much larger Saints tight end Billy Miller. On third look, I think the actual highlight here is Devery Henderson demonstrates what a complete pussy he is stepping out of the way to allow Griffin a clean shot on his teammate. Nice work, Devery. Thank you for your fantasy points, but I doubt your teammates are giving you equal accolades.

Not a bad hit here by Will Smith on Gus Frerotte, who’d have much rather head-butted a wall.


Chad Johnson Changes His Name Again: Cero Cinco

Fine work by the folks at Pro Football Talk: Chad Johnson’s latest name change

The NFL is just a better place when the Bengals are the butt of jokes.

Shaq Calls Himself “The Black Michael Phelps”

Some of you may be looking forward to Shaquille O’Neal’s retirement. I, however, am not.

I’ll be enjoying every minute of the final two years (?) because of sound bites like this. Interviewed yesterday about Phoenix Suns training camp in Tucson, Shaq shares that some members of the University of Arizona women’s swim team challenged him to a race.

“I told her I was the black Michael Phelps.”

No report on whether Shaq won the race, but I’d pay good money to see O’Neal attempting the butterfly.

HT: The Sports Culture

Video: Reggie Bush Return Two Punts for Touchdowns vs Vikings

OK, so the Minnesota Vikings pulled off a much needed victory in the final minute, but let’s talk about Reggie Bush’s record night.

Bush returned not one, but two punts on Monday Night Football and if not for a shoe-string tackle would have had a third. His 176 punt return yards is a franchise record, and his two punt return touchdowns ties an NFL record. A dazzling performance befitting the grand (OK, not quite anymore) stage of MNF.

Is it safe for us to disassociate any hint of the word bust with Bush? Aside from his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, he’s no longer anywhere near that description.

He’s a unique talent that can’t be judged against the prototypical running back. His closest comparison may end up being Devin Hester. Bush has 199 receptions so far in his career, which places him ahead of anyone in NFL history through 33 games.

The trouble is his two punt returns still didn’t help the Saints win, but you can’t exactly hold that against him.

Ed Hochuli and Crew Miss Another Big Call: Reggie Bush Facemask

It can’t be said enough that Ed Hochuli is one of the finest officials in NFL history. With being said, he’s having a season that rivals the Detroit Lions in success.

Reggie Bush got the carry on a sweep and got dragged down by the facemaks by Chris Greenway and subsequently fumbled. A flag was thrown, but it was on the Vikings for fumbling the return forward.

Blatant facemask call completely missed by Hochuli and his six dwarfs. Fortunately, the Vikings didn’t score on the subsequent possession, but don’t expect this missed call to be overlooked by the blogosphere and media tonight and tomorrow morning.

Tampa Bay Rays Advance To American League Championship, Defeat White Sox

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays, who continue to prove that small markets teams need not complain about their lack of resource and get busy developing home grown talent.

Tampa Bay had never won more than 70 games in their previous 10 seasons and possessed baseball’s worst record a year ago. This year’s Rays aren’t quite finished, but it’s already an incredible story. 97 wins, the AL East title over the big bad Yankees and Red Sox. And now, a trip to the American League Championship Series which they may very well host if Boston wins one of the final two games.

The turning point for the organization was in 2005 when Stuart Sternberg took control of the team and made the bold move to appoint Matt Silverman as team president and Andrew Friedman as the general manager, both of whom were under the age of 30.

Silverman and Friedman didn’t draft all these young stars, but they’ve contributed significantly to their development along with manager Joe Maddon. Not to mention trading away some draft picks for key contributors in this 2008 campaign

2002 — BJ Upton
2003 — Delmon Young (sent to Twins for Jason Bartlett and Matt Garza)
2006 — Evan Longoria

The 2007 top draft pick David Price will have his impact soon enough. Not a bad use of draft spending, what do you think?

While all the young talent deserves plenty of credit for their growth amid a mundane baseball environment in Tampa, it’s Joe Maddon who has convinced everyone that they too can win and why not now. Plus, Maddon just seems like a damn cool guy which is a bit of a unique description when it comes to baseball managers.

Since the Cubs are out — likely forever — I must jump on another bandwagon for the remainder of these playoffs to maintain interest. So, why not the Rays? An LA-Boston World Series would be intriguing, but you can’t beat a Cinderella story like the Rays.

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Vikings vs Saints, Reggie Bush vs Adrian Peterson, Monday Night Football As It Should be

Adrian Peterson getting his Purple Jesus on vs the Saints struggling defense? Yes, please.

Some fans may enjoy the hard-hitting action of a Steelers vs Ravens Monday nighter, and I did, but it’s nice to get a prime time game built for the fantasy football geeks out there. Tonight we speak specifically of Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees, Reggie Brown and Lance Moore owners.

AD should be able to run all night. Drew Brees will take advantage of the Vikings defense weakness: pass defense. Doubtful Reggie Bush gets his yards on the ground, but you know he’ll be used on the screen and Lance Moore has been a diamond in the rough.

Looking forward to this one. With apologies to Terrell Owens, I’m getting the popcorn ready. Prediction: Vikings 28, Saints 24.