Greg Oden Portland Trail Blazers First Game: 13 Points, 5 Rebounds, 2 Blocks

Sometimes it’s not just a preseason game.

Portland Trail Blazers fans and NBA fans alike have been waiting patiently for Greg Oden to play in the NBA and last night was his first live action. It’s more than just Oden we’ve been wanting a look at, but the entire roster that Kevin Pritchard has so cleverly constructed.

Oden and the Blazers didn’t disappoint. Just ask a 2nd-year center who was drafted nine picks behind the former Oden, Spencer Hawes. The former Washington Husky was abused by Oden early and often, victim of his first dunk and block.

You’ll see in the very first highlight above, Oden takes the entry pass on the right block and simply powers his way over Hawes for his first points. In typical Oden fashion, a dunk. His final line: 13 points, 5 rebounds and 2 blocks in 20 minutes.

Truth be told, Oden may not have had the best “rookie” debut. That belonged to Rudy Fernandez who put on his own show according to Jason Quick of the Oregonian.

Don’t look now, but Oden may have some stiff competition for Rookie of the Year from one of his teammates: Fernandez.

In a simply electric performance, Fernandez had the crowd chanting his first name after a series of flashy plays. He dunked off a lob pass from Rodriguez, a longtime friend and countryman, and then later caught another lob from Rodriguez and in a dipsy-do move, drifted under the basket and blindly banked it high off the backboard.

And there was more. Fernandez threaded a pass through the legs of Jason Thompson that Aldridge converted, and later made a sharp bounce pass in traffic that Aldridge dunked. He also lobbed a pass that Martell Webster dunked, putting the finishing touches on a six-point, five-assist night.

Whether I’m allowed or not, I’m going to be a bandwagon jumper to this Blazers run. Even in this despairing stock market, Portland is a must buy.


“176 Punt Retard” – Robert Flores Shares An Interesting Statistic

The Minnesota Vikings deeply regret punting to Reggie Bush in the second half of last night’s Monday Night Football game, but not as much as Robert Flores likely regrets his call of the highlights.

“176 Punt Retard”

Perhaps his mind drifted to Brad Childress, that or Skip Bayless walked through the studio.

Normally announcers can brush of mistakes quickly and move on, but the split second silence after this gaffe was defening.

Cedric Griffin Big Hit On Saints Billy Miller — NFL Hit of the Year?

Reggie Bush’s punt returns are worth watching over and over, as is the hit of the night courtesy of the Vikings Cedric Griffin.

Griffin completely lays out the much larger Saints tight end Billy Miller. On third look, I think the actual highlight here is Devery Henderson demonstrates what a complete pussy he is stepping out of the way to allow Griffin a clean shot on his teammate. Nice work, Devery. Thank you for your fantasy points, but I doubt your teammates are giving you equal accolades.

Not a bad hit here by Will Smith on Gus Frerotte, who’d have much rather head-butted a wall.

Shaq Calls Himself “The Black Michael Phelps”

Some of you may be looking forward to Shaquille O’Neal’s retirement. I, however, am not.

I’ll be enjoying every minute of the final two years (?) because of sound bites like this. Interviewed yesterday about Phoenix Suns training camp in Tucson, Shaq shares that some members of the University of Arizona women’s swim team challenged him to a race.

“I told her I was the black Michael Phelps.”

No report on whether Shaq won the race, but I’d pay good money to see O’Neal attempting the butterfly.

HT: The Sports Culture

Video: Reggie Bush Return Two Punts for Touchdowns vs Vikings

OK, so the Minnesota Vikings pulled off a much needed victory in the final minute, but let’s talk about Reggie Bush’s record night.

Bush returned not one, but two punts on Monday Night Football and if not for a shoe-string tackle would have had a third. His 176 punt return yards is a franchise record, and his two punt return touchdowns ties an NFL record. A dazzling performance befitting the grand (OK, not quite anymore) stage of MNF.

Is it safe for us to disassociate any hint of the word bust with Bush? Aside from his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, he’s no longer anywhere near that description.

He’s a unique talent that can’t be judged against the prototypical running back. His closest comparison may end up being Devin Hester. Bush has 199 receptions so far in his career, which places him ahead of anyone in NFL history through 33 games.

The trouble is his two punt returns still didn’t help the Saints win, but you can’t exactly hold that against him.

Better Catch: Marty Booker or Reggie Wayne?

Marty Booker makes an unbelievable one-handed catch near the goalline against the Detroit Lions. Without question one of the best catches of this NFL Season, but it may very well have been outdone a few moments later in Houston.

Trailing the Texans by three, Peyton Manning connect with Reggie Wayne on a post where he makes a stunningly clutch one-handed grab. [3:00 mark below]

Which was better?

Dan Snyder Was Jacked After Redskins Win vs Eagles

There are many must-see video highlights from Sunday’s NFL Week 5, notably Sage Rosenfels donning spandex and a cape, then meeting an Indianapolis Colts defense full of kryptonite. But I prefer this clip here of Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder after his team’s big win in Philadelphia.

At the start of the video you’ll hear what sounds like a crazy fan in the tunnel yelling, “Wooo! Yeah! 4-1!” Then you realize, it’s not a fan, or player, but Snyder who is all sorts of pumped up.

Hard to blame him, but he does possess some eerie similarities to Michael Scott in his exuberance.

Dan Snyder Is Michael Scott, Part 2 [Mr. Irrelevant]