Boo Weekley On Tonight Show With Jay Leno

I can’t get enough Boo Weekley in my life, but somehow I missed his appearance last Thursday on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

It is not to be missed. You’ll be a better person for having watched this 7:00 interview. In case you’rer lazy, or don’t think you have that amount of time to waste, let me give you a brief preview:

  • Video footage of his Happy Gilmore, ride the donkey celebration during the Ryder Cup.
  • “Like a year in college, one of them long weekends with just nothing but partying.”
  • Dennis Miller asks Boo if he’d rather play for the South or the United States
  • Explanation of “Boo-isms” that we can all relate to… when we’re drunk.
  • Boo shares a story about how he lost his keys in a port-o-potty…
  • … and how he retrieved them.

Seven minutes of Weekley enlightenment. Do enjoy!


Brandon Jennings First Scrimmage In Italy Video

One of the stories I’m most interesting in following this fall and winter will not be taking place on the NFL field, the NBA court, or a college campus. It’s the ever-intriguing Brandon Jennings and his quest to play basketball professionally in Italy.

I love college hoops and would have enjoyed his success at the University of Arizona, but one most also realize that college is not for everyone. His bold decision, one that may very well teach him more than he could ever care to learn in Tucson, is something that should be applauded.

Pete Thamel had a great piece on Jennings in the Sunday New York Times I suggest you read.

Thanks to Dime Magazine, we’ve now got some video footage of Jennings’ first scrimmage for Lottomatica Virtus Roma (must be one hell of jersey).

Check out the move at :50. Wow.

At 19, Plotting New Path to N.B.A., via Europe [NYTimes]