About The Critical Fanatic

First things first, I don’t like to be that blogger who hides behind an anonymous screen name. I’m Jason Kent, grew up in Grand Haven, Michigan and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. I attended Miami University (the one founded before Florida was a state) and majored in beer, EA Sports football, general fraternizing and studied marketing when I had some free time.

You see, this was me at a young age. Both cursed and blessed to have little choice but become a passionate Chicago Cubs and Michigan State athletics sports fan.

I’ve just your ordinary guy with an extraordinary passion for sports… and much better jeans than I had as a child.

You may have come to know me through my days at FanIQ.com. I’ve returned to my own personal blog in hopes of getting back to enjoying sports the way I’d like to.

What will you read here? You can expect my daily take on all the important sporting events but also on the sports minutae that’s important to me: Like the Cubs choking.

Contact Info

For any advertising interest or freelance work, please contact me at thecriticalfanatic@gmail.com

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