Boo Weekley On Tonight Show With Jay Leno

I can’t get enough Boo Weekley in my life, but somehow I missed his appearance last Thursday on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

It is not to be missed. You’ll be a better person for having watched this 7:00 interview. In case you’rer lazy, or don’t think you have that amount of time to waste, let me give you a brief preview:

  • Video footage of his Happy Gilmore, ride the donkey celebration during the Ryder Cup.
  • “Like a year in college, one of them long weekends with just nothing but partying.”
  • Dennis Miller asks Boo if he’d rather play for the South or the United States
  • Explanation of “Boo-isms” that we can all relate to… when we’re drunk.
  • Boo shares a story about how he lost his keys in a port-o-potty…
  • … and how he retrieved them.

Seven minutes of Weekley enlightenment. Do enjoy!


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