Ed Hochuli and Crew Miss Another Big Call: Reggie Bush Facemask

It can’t be said enough that Ed Hochuli is one of the finest officials in NFL history. With being said, he’s having a season that rivals the Detroit Lions in success.

Reggie Bush got the carry on a sweep and got dragged down by the facemaks by Chris Greenway and subsequently fumbled. A flag was thrown, but it was on the Vikings for fumbling the return forward.

Blatant facemask call completely missed by Hochuli and his six dwarfs. Fortunately, the Vikings didn’t score on the subsequent possession, but don’t expect this missed call to be overlooked by the blogosphere and media tonight and tomorrow morning.


3 Responses

  1. Not to forget the fumble by andrian peterson, which Hochuli announced ” The ball was coming loose before the knee went down… but his hand was still touching it so the play on the field stands”

    3 strikes your out.

  2. Good call, Nat. Yet another miss. Is Ed spending just a little too much time at the gym?

  3. It’s incredible how Ed and/or his crew have been able to negatively influence the outcome of their games, two weeks in a row. I’m not saying the Saints would have won had Ed/crew NOT blown those two calls (the Saints might have found another way to gift wrap it for the Vikes) but geez – GET IT RIGHT! Sean Payton was BEGGING him to look at the instant replay in the Superdome, and he wouldn’t.

    Is he devastated again? How many more times do we have to put up with this? I know they’re not perfect but I think this is yet another piece of ammunition for reviewing officials’ calls (or NON-calls).

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