Sage Rosenfels Gets Knocked Around, Loses Game for Texans vs Colts

If Matt Schaub was battling and illness before the game, he’s likely even sicker this evening.

Sage Rosenfels was forced into action today in the Houston Texans first home game of the season and performed admirably for 56 minutes. The Texans were out to a surprising 27-10 advantage of the Indianapolis Colts, who I was certain would play crisp and efficient football following the bye week. Such was not the case, as Peyton Manning had only one interception and no touchdown passes in the first three quarters.

After Manning connected with Tom Santi for a touchdown with 4:04 to play [27-17 Hou], all went down hill for Rosenfels.

Well, technically it went twirly into the air and then downhill. Cue the video.

Sage decides it would be a great idea — with the lead — to leap over three Colts defenders. Inevitably he was rocked and fumbled the pigskin right in Gary Brackett’s hands for a 68-yard fumble recovery returned for a touchdown. 27-24 Hou.

On the very next possession, Rosenfels fumbled AGAIN, his third of the afternoon, setting up the go-ahead touchdown for the Colts. Reggie Wayne made a spectacular one-handed catch in the corner of the end zone keeping Indy’s division hopes alive. All was not going to be lost, by a 1-3 record and a loss to the Texans could have been devastating.

Instead, if Sage Rosenfels who’s devastated and likely far more ill than Schaub.

2 Responses

  1. […] are many must-see video highlights from Sunday’s NFL Week 5, notably Sage Rosenfels donning spandex and a cape, then meeting an Indianapolis Colts defense full of kryptonite. But I prefer this clip here of […]

  2. I don’t blame Rosenfels. I blame the coach for calling so many passing plays. Had they run the ball, they would have won the game.

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